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Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway

Arctic Road Trips, Lapland, Sweden, hiking photo Lorenzo Mirandola

Lorenzo and Luisa

We both fell in love with the arctic nature, that is why we both decided to live in Lapland. More accurately: Rovaniemi in Finland. Whenever possible, we have been travelling in search of the Aurora and the most beautiful spots in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. We are both passionate photographers - especially for Northern Lights & nature shots. That's why all our pictures on this website are taken by us. We offer different trips and activities mostly specialized on the Aurora Borealis. You can find all Info here on our page. If you are interested or you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

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Aurora Road Trips



Aurora Road Trips: The main purpose is hunting Northern Lights!

On this Trip, we will decide our destinations according to were there are the best chances to see the Northern Lights. We can end up anywhere in northern Scandinavia: Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. You choose which type of trip you want: Real outdoor experience in a tent or hut or a normal cabin ?

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Aurora Expedition




Aurora Expedition

We are based in Rovaniemi, Lapland, from where our Northern Lights Expeditions usually start. We are Photographers and Aurora Hunters and our goal is to show you the Northern Lights. That is why we do the tour only if there is a really good chance to see them. We do not have a kilometer or time limit for our Northern Lights tour. Also note that you only pay the full price if you see them.

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National Park Trips



Experience lappish National Parks

Experience another part of Lapland with different landscapes – deeper into nature and Lapland itself. You get to know beautiful national parks in Lapland that will stay in your memory and make your stay more special. 

Arctic Road Trips
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Gkizem ChouseinGkizem Chousein
13:04 29 Nov 23
Leti BonardiLeti Bonardi
16:04 28 Nov 23
The aurora hunt we all want! Super professional, with lots of explanations on everything related to the aurora. You can see how Lorenzo's passion is strong and he transmits it to those who take part in the outings with him. You go hunting and you find it! Super recommended!
Pasqualina CapassoPasqualina Capasso
14:40 28 Nov 23
If you want to live the real experience of "hunting the Northern Lights", you have come to the perfect place. When dreams come true, here Lorenzo doesn't give up until the end, we didn't expect an exceptional dawn, yet this one exceeded everyone's expectations.Thank you very much!
Melania RodriguezMelania Rodriguez
10:52 24 Nov 23
Real hunters of northern lights!!! Lorenzo worked really hard to make sure we could see lots of them and be happy. Great job! I had a great experience 😍😍.
Christina MargaretChristina Margaret
15:43 23 Nov 23
Lorenzo took us on Nov 21st, 2023 and we have officially had the best night of our lives! He has such a great sense of humour and worked extremely hard to find us the northern lights despite challenges and weather changes. There is nothing better than having a guide who is so passionate and knows exactly what he is doing. He is so knowledgable and made the night sooooo much fun. Couldn’t have imagined it with anyone else.. thank you for EVERYTHING. love from the Aussies - Christina, Zach, Caitlin & Jesse x
shikhil nagpalshikhil nagpal
06:44 23 Nov 23
Can't thank them enough for a magical road trip.. we kept chasing auroras till we found a great clear spot.. saw the northern lights dance over us.. I highly recommend the tour.. thanks again for the hospitality. 🙏🙏
Alessandra FollesaAlessandra Follesa
00:47 23 Nov 23
Best northern lights hunting trip ever! I was worried to not see the aurora borealis because November is probably one of the worst months to witness this amazing natural show, but Luisa kept driving and driving for hour to be sure we were able to be amazed by the northern lights and at the end the miracle happened and we saw an amazing colourful dances in the northern sky 😍 and not only once! Luisa kept keeping her attention on the weather and the sky and we saw the northern lights multiple times and it was an unbelievable feeling.Everyone should choose to do the tour with these guys because I can guarantee to all of you that Luisa and Lorenzo will go extra mile to be sure your dream to see the aurora borealis will come true in the most unbelievable way!Grazie ragazzi ❤️
Wale AlonzoWale Alonzo
19:42 22 Nov 23
An incredible experience, Luisa made the tour a true aurora hunting adventure! The best, highly recommended 🙂
18:33 22 Nov 23
We went on an aurora light hunt with Luisa. She did everything to make sure we could see the lights and it was simply an unforgettable experience! She loves her job and is willing to go to the limit with the tour participants to make this experience possible. We also felt comfortable at all times and were able to learn a lot about the Aurora lights.We would book it again and again and can only warmly recommend it to everyone.
Pietro MatinoPietro Matino
07:33 17 Nov 23
You fulfilled our dream.Super experience, with a super group but above all a highly trained, helpful and engaging Northern Lights hunter: Lorenzo.Very recommended and reliable.Keep going because you're great!Peter
Manuel GulloManuel Gullo
07:06 17 Nov 23
Lorenzo number one! The best Aurora Borealis hunter you can find! You can see the passion he puts into it from the first minute. Unique experience in the world!Thanks again Lorenzo and good luck with your beautiful work!
Raquel NavasRaquel Navas
22:19 16 Nov 23
Lukas GöbelLukas Göbel
21:02 16 Nov 23
Yesterday we took a tour of the Northern Lights, with Luise as our guide. It was an absolutely perfect trip with magical impressions that we will never forget. During the tour, Luise told us a lot about the auroras and how they form and was very committed to finding the best possible spot. We would do the tour again and again and definitely recommend it!The planning and arrangement via WhatsApp was super uncomplicated and there was always quick and concrete feedback.In addition to seeing the northern lights, the wild car ride (hunting) was also very exciting and anything but boring. :)PS: The photos are absolutely amazing!!! WOW!!!Best regardsLaura & Malte + Christina & Lukas
simona baldisserisimona baldisseri
20:02 16 Nov 23
Thanks to Lorenzo's professionalism and passion we lived a magical and unique experience. Lorenzo and Luisa led us on the true "hunt for the aurora" sharing with us their knowledge and studies, which led us to savor this incredible show. For us, Lorenzo is like a super hero who crosses nations to let those lucky enough to travel with him experience the beauty of nature.
Juri TichoJuri Ticho
16:47 14 Nov 23
Thanks to Luisa we were able to admire the northern lights live. Even though it was very cold, the patience was definitely worth it. We are very grateful for the great experience and will probably never forget it.
Dan CretuDan Cretu
18:43 13 Nov 23
Unforgettable experience with incredible people who took me to see the Northern Lights. Wonderful day that will remain in my heart!
Valentina DinoiValentina Dinoi
13:06 13 Nov 23
Wonderful experience! Lorenzo made one of my life's dreams come true: to see the Aurora Borealis and he did it in the most fascinating way possible.Thanks to his tenacity and passion we traveled kilometers and crossed two borders just to see the Aurora and in the meantime we saw spectacular landscapes, the real Lapland, the real Sweden and the magical Norway with its Fjords! There is nothing planned at the beginning of this journey, but only one objective: the Aurora Borealis and Lorenzo has all the experience and competence and the right enthusiasm to accompany his travel companions where the sky is clear to see one of the most beautiful shows in the world.
simona baldisserisimona baldisseri
19:32 12 Nov 23
Tine KlosterTine Kloster
11:35 12 Nov 23
An incredible experience and I recommend them big time! I only had a few days in Lapland and the weather did not look good for the day I booked with Luisa and Lorenzo. They kept an eye on the weather forecast for the whole week and we went last minute on a different day than the one I booked, just so the chances for Northern lights would be a bit bigger. Thank you so much. It was a dream come true! I will write them again when I go to the north in the future 🙂
Angelika SchmehlAngelika Schmehl
22:09 11 Nov 23
Georgia KapaGeorgia Kapa
17:47 11 Nov 23
Alessandra TubioloAlessandra Tubiolo
20:57 09 Nov 23
I gave my son Jacques 3 days of hunting for the fabulous Northern Lights and views of dreamy arctic landscapes and reindeer and moose, only thanks to Lorenzo, I will do it too!!!
Roberto CusinRoberto Cusin
15:50 08 Nov 23
I waited a few days before writing to let the emotion of the trip calm down but certain experiences leave their mark and Lorenzo and Luisa made us experience unique emotions. Two true aurora hunters and two wonderful people, their passion and enthusiasm for what they do is not often seen, in addition to their great competence. I can only thank them for the wonderful trip they took us on from Rovaniemi to the Lofoten Islands in Norway.P.s. I give 5 stars only because it is not possible to give more.
Virginia BelliniVirginia Bellini
10:26 07 Nov 23
Luisa and Lorenzo work with passion and demonstrate it in the attention and care they dedicate to every moment of this journey. I advise you to let them accompany you in this experience which, for me, will remain unforgettable.
Lorenzo LaudaniLorenzo Laudani
07:43 07 Nov 23
very good!! with a lot of passion and a lot of competence! the best way to see the Northern Lights!
Lorenzo BalatresiLorenzo Balatresi
07:11 07 Nov 23
Wonderful experience ❤️ Lorenzo and Luisa are two fantastic guides very competent in their work. If you want to see the Northern Lights with them, you're on the safe side... I recommend it 💯%
myugi salievamyugi salieva
10:50 31 Oct 23
Once in a lifetime experience!!! I was dreaming of witnessing Northern lights since my childhood and met Louisa and Lorenzo! We had 3 days road trip and EVERYTHING was amazing! This guys are really passionate about their job and are the best hunters! The accomodations they chose were fantastic! Look no more and just book! I promise you will not regret!!! 🤩❤️P.S. be ready for a really cold weather and if you are not cold person, I highly recommend you using heating pads for the boots and the gloves. 📌
Chiara GiancamilliChiara Giancamilli
17:43 27 Oct 23
WOW!!!We had an incredible 4days road trip, with aurora always with us!Lorenzo & Luisa made us live an amazing experience - not only for the Northern Lights – but all things that we saw have been breathtaking!They love their job and have so much passion. These guys are the best. Thank you so much, we are grateful to met you!
Melanie BarreraMelanie Barrera
11:09 23 Oct 23
The trip was amazing! It was the best night of my life and a dream come true. I got engaged under the Milky Way, the shooting stars and dancing auroras. Lorenzo was checking every single detail so we didn’t miss anything. We couldn’t chose anybody else to do this tour with. Conventional companies won’t drive and do whatever it takes so you can see the Auroras.Will do it a thousand times more and if I ever be back I’ll definitely do the aurora road-trip. Thank you for everything!
Marcus AlvesMarcus Alves
07:07 23 Oct 23
Honestly, I can’t recommend Lorenzo and Luisa enough - anything I write here won’t do justice to how amazing our four-day road trip was. And I’m not only talking about the auroras shows because obviously that’s the main goal here, but also about the hikes we did, the places we stayed, how nice every single person from the group was. When they say they’re usually the last people who want to leave and head back to the hotel, trust me, they mean it 😅 I had a sky-high expectation for this trip and even so it was even better than I could have ever imagined, so thank you very much guys!
Dani pelo MundoDani pelo Mundo
18:38 16 Sep 23
Luísa and Lorenzo were the best guides for our Northern Lights experience…..they made all the difference and are true experts in finding the best and most beautiful aurora. We stayed with them for 4 days and traveled more than 2,500km between Norway, Finland and Sweden and saw aurora every day of the most varied shapes and colors. ❤️I highly recommend the experience , they are responsible and know all the information so you can have the best aurora experience of your life 😊
Aurora CasiliAurora Casili
11:17 13 Dec 22
Found them on instagram while planning our Lapland trip, it just took few minutes on their pages to decide that we were gonna go aurora hunting with Lorenzo and Luisa. Their success rate and the wide range of trips they offer drew us in and we weren’t disappointed. Pick-up and drop-off, moving from one location to another to escape clouds and friendly conversations throughout made this experience an 11/10 to say the least. They offer warm boots and more equipment if needed (our hunt was on an especially cold day), Luisa was always smiling and made the whole group excited, taking endless professional pictures. You can see while driving that they know exactly what they’re doing, we never stationed in a place hoping to see the Northern Lights, we went where they knew our shot was best.Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience:))
Samad KhanSamad Khan
16:32 08 Dec 22
It was on our bucket list to visit Finland and see Northern Lights. So the package what we took included a Northern light tour. Unfortunately it was cloudy in Kakslautanen (Ivalo) and the other city also the same. We were thinking that this trip we will not be able to see Northern Lights. My wife was in discussion with Lorenzo before the trip (through Instagram) and he was confident if it visible we will make sure that you see but we need your time. So he and Luisa picked us up from the hotel and then journey started. So a friend from the group joined us and a Greek Couple also joined We drove for approx 4 hours towards Norway and was not stopping anywhere because as per forecast there was an opening and they requested to hold on. Where we stopped and first time we saw the Aurora we were like speechless and then dancing like waves. It was just awesome. They had booked an Airbnb for us and cooked for us amazing Pasta 🍝. After a comfortable sleep, we left for a tour around Norway to see the Fjords around 2 PM. It was sunset time we could see the moon, the sunset and surprisingly an Aurora was forming up. What a sight it was.While returning stopping for Pizza, Lorenzo suddenly while eating rushed outside in freezing cold, as he noticed there is a pink Aurora dancing . It was just wonderful.In short , this trip couldn't have been perfect without them and new friends we made.If you want to see Northern Lights, contact them and you won't be disappointed
Lemonia ParaschoudiLemonia Paraschoudi
23:34 07 Dec 22
We had an incredible 2days road trip. The things that we saw were breathtaking! Without this trip we wouldn’t be able to see the Aurora but Lorenzo and Luisa made the impossible possible! These guys are the best. They love their job and have so much passion. Thank you so much Lorenzo and Luisa, we are grateful for meeting you!
Christian GandakusumaChristian Gandakusuma
13:09 29 Nov 22
My wife and I had the best northern lights experience, best trip ever! We stayed in Rovaniemi Finland but weather has been really bad, full of clouds so we cannot see any aurora. Lorenzo and Luisa offered us a 1 night roadtrip to Norway to get away from the clouds so we can see the northern lights during our short stay in Finland. They are such amazing guide and photographers. Sweet and nice people. We will definitely go with them again whenever we come back to Finland again. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so amazing guys!!!
Tina KostelenosTina Kostelenos
11:31 21 Nov 22
Lorenzo made us have the most amazing experience with seeing the Northern Lights - stopping at nothing to ensure we saw everything and had the best views. All the photos included as well which gives us the best memories / pictures for ever. Thank you for the freezing adventure!!

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