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National Park Trips

Get out into Lapland's nature!

Get out of Rovaniemi and experience another part of Lapland with different landscapes – deeper into Laplands’s nature itself. 

There are many options to visit around Rovaniemi. See some examples here and just decide according to your personal taste and feeling which one you would like to visit. Of course the pictures are just examples and it looks different there in every season.

Our favorite national park in Lapland: Riisitunturi


Riisitunturi-Nationalpark is a nice hiking destination all year round and definitly a place worth to visit. In winter Riisitunturi is famous for it's majestic "sleeping gigants", these trees petrified in snow. In the peak season some can weight up to two tons. There you can experience real winter wonderland in Lapland.


Located around 3 hours from Rovaniemi, Pallas national park has one of the most beautiful fells in finnish Lapland and incredible wide views.


Ylläs, the partner national park of Pallas, has amazing nature and hikes as well as a small ski resort.


Visit the frozen waterfalls of the Korouoma Canyon, 1,5 hours east of Rovaniemi.

Duration and Price

On our day trip in Lapland, we will pick you up in the morning from your accomodation and drive to your choosen destination. The whole Trip takes 6-8 hours, depending on where we go. In the National Park we will go for a hike and explore the nature and the area around. Of course, will will also drive you back to your hotel. It is also possible to choose the destination spontaniously according to the weather. The hikes all have a easy to moderate level.

The trip costs 200 Euros per person