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One night Aurora Hunting Tour from Rovaniemi

One night Aurora Tour from Rovaniemi - how it works:

Our Aurora Tour starts from Rovaniemi and we go as far as needed to have a good chance to see Auroras. We do not have a kilometer or time limit. This can naturally be as far as 800 kilometers both ways, but usually we drive drive around 200. 

Northern Lights can only be seen if you have at least particularly clear sky and an okay solar activity.  That is why our Aurora Hunts only happen if we think that there is a good chance to see the Northern Lights. In case the conditions are too bad, we cancel the Northern Lights Tour or postpone it to another day, to not waste anyones time. 

Like this we have a high success rate. We would say that if the Aurora Tour happens, we can give you a possibility of 95 % that you see the Northern Lights.

How long does the Aurora Tour take?

The time of our Aurora Hunt varies according to the distance that we have to drive to get to clear sky and how long we have to wait for the Northern Lights. Sometimes this might be only half hour, sometimes up to 4 hours. That’s why the duration of the Aurora Tour varies between 5 and 12 hours. Also, the starting time of the Aurora Tour varies depending on the season, weather and solar activity. 

On our Aurora Tour we are doing pure Aurora hunting, that means there is no food or drinks included. But you are welcome to take your own snacks and drinks to the tour because it might be a long time that we stay outside. 🙂 We are not focusing on BBQ or fire because it is disturbing the Aurora Hunt. 

Please note that we take kids only from age of 10 and older on the tour.

Aurora Photography

We are passionate photographers – especially for Northern Lights. We have all equipement (cameras, tripods, etc.) that we use to get the best shots out of every Aurora Hunt. If you wish, we take pictures of you at your Northern Lights Tour. All of them you will get after the Tour, included in the price. 

Also, if you have your own camera, we will be happy to show you how to choose the best settings for Aurora Photography.

Pick up / Drop off

On the Aurora Tour from Rovaniemi , pick up and drop off from and to your accommodation in Rovaniemi is included. Further, all Aurora Hunts will be in small  groups to make your experience more individual and far away from big tourism groups.

Prices Season 2024  – 2025 

  • The costs of the Aurora Expedition is 200 Euros per person for the whole season (end of August until early April) except
  • from 22. of December to 6. of January the price is 220 Euros per person. 

You pay the Aurora Tour only if we see the Northern Lights. If we don’t catch them for some reason you only pay the cost of the fuel divided by the number of participants. 

Book your Aurora tour here!

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Aurora Hunting from Rovaniemi:

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Dagmar E.Dagmar E.
15:22 10 Jun 24
Even now, three months later, I am still overwhelmed by these three great days with Lorenzo and Luisa. It was absolutely perfect, everything came together! I can only advise anyone who wants to fulfill their dream of seeing the Northern Lights to definitely go with these two guides :-)))) It was unforgettable, thanks for everything!
Nicolo PelosiNicolo Pelosi
15:30 12 May 24
Lorenzo is great, he will do everything he can in order to let you see Aurora!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
priyesh Nathanipriyesh Nathani
08:58 04 May 24
One of the best road trips, i’ve ever done and the way we saw Aurora Borealis ! I mean beautiful, there’s nothing more i could have asked for ticked it of my bucket list. Lorenzo and Luisa are too sweet and genuine person ! The price is justa little high but worth every single penney, can’t wait to see aurora again with you guys
Marleen BissingerMarleen Bissinger
18:42 26 Apr 24
We took a tour with Luisa in January 2023 and were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Our tour took us to Sweden. An unforgettable experience and really worth every penny.
08:36 18 Apr 24
With Artic Road Trips the Northern Lights will no longer be a dream, but a certainty! The level of passion and dedication that Lorenzo put into our trip made our experience unique! Absolutely recommended!
Mayesha AhmedMayesha Ahmed
20:10 11 Apr 24
There is no other tour organizers in the entire world who are as passionate; as dedicated and as friendly as Lorenzo and Luisa. I had the most incredible trip of a lifetime thanks to these beautiful humans. They live and breathe the auroras and it translates into how perfectly they plan the trips. You will never regret going with them. The days are packed with national parks and mountains, and the nights are packed with beautiful skies. The vans are comfy and the hotel selections are top notch. I wish I could relive the moments again. Thank you Lorenzo and Luisa, you both are the chosen ones! 🤍
Trang PhamTrang Pham
03:19 09 Apr 24
It was the best decision to choose Lorenzo and Luisa’s aurora hunting trip. Without them, l don’t think we would be able to see the aurora dancing right above our head
Paola RiccobenePaola Riccobene
19:51 03 Apr 24
After missing the Aurora on a trip to Iceland and Lofoten we turned to the "hunter" par excellence. All the reviews on Arctic Road Trips were more than positive. But what exactly is a 3-day trip in search of the Aurora? Everything is described exactly in their program. The goal is the aurora. Everything else is travel in a 7 or 9 seater van, not very comfortable, with breaks for the supermarket and short walks mostly to stretch your legs. Finland in winter is a bit boring, rows of birch trees that don't make the country very attractive. But if you happen to go to Norway then everything changes and becomes fascinating. Lorenzo and Luisa drive from 11.30am without limit of km or time and take you where they know you will see the reason for the journey. And if there is no time to have dinner, it is postponed until after seeing it.The only program is the aurora. Everything else is improvisation. The accommodations where you sleep are chosen based on where you arrive. These are often quite comfortable multi-room houses. You sleep between 3.30 in the morning and 9.30. The aurora can last only a short time so as soon as it appears the speed with which we rush to place the photographic equipment is lightning fast. Tripods and cameras arranged in various points to capture the event as best as possible. Because to the naked eye the sight may not be particularly surprising. While what the lens captures is exciting.If you are looking for a hiking trip to which you can add the aurora, this trip is not for you. If, on the other hand, the primary purpose is to see it, then you have come to the right place.Preparation, enthusiasm and the ability to pursue the objective are the peculiarities of your companions.
Vrinda GuptaVrinda Gupta
11:07 03 Apr 24
Lorenzo and his team did everything it takes to make sure we get a really good show. I recommend anyone visiting Rovaniemi to go on this experience with Lorenzo and his team.Thank you Lorenzo and Kseniaa to make our dream come true :)He is the best in business!!
Aiman OuladaliAiman Ouladali
21:15 02 Apr 24
One of the best experiences i’ve had so far! Been trying for months to get some good auroras in Finland without success. 1 night with Lorenzo and I got the best overhead auroras I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend!
Emanuele CiravegnaEmanuele Ciravegna
12:46 02 Apr 24
Thanks to Lorenzo and Luisa we managed to realize our dream of seeing the Northern Lights.Despite the unfavorable weather, they drove for hours looking for the best spot to see it.During the days we did several treks immersed in nature, they accompanied us to the North Cape and finally to the discovery of the Norwegian fjords.Fantastic experience.. 3 truly unforgettable days!
Raffaella RomagnoliRaffaella Romagnoli
10:49 28 Mar 24
We did the 1 night Aurora Expedition with Lorenzo, what can I say, we saw the Aurora!!!! Even though the weather conditions in Rovaniemi were terrible, we moved with the Van to Sweden and around midnight we managed to do it. Lorenzo is very passionate about it, you can see that he wants you to try this experience and continually consults weather and non-weather sites to check solar activity. If you want advice: trust him and you won't go wrong!
Sophie HäuslerSophie Häusler
15:59 27 Mar 24
The tour with Luisa and Lorenzo was great! You can tell that both of them are passionate about it and give everything to ensure that you see the northern lights every night. During the day we visited beautiful places and enjoyed great views! It was a wonderful short vacation, even though we're now catching up on a lot of sleep ☺️ thank you very much for all the great pictures and your pleasant manner, we'll be happy to come back
Cristina MerlinoCristina Merlino
22:39 26 Mar 24
Incredible Road Trip together with Lorenzo, a great driver and professional, a different journey in search of the splendid aurora, one of the most fascinating natural physical phenomena in the world. With his enthusiasm and passion he accompanies you to magical places of total darkness, in close contact with nature where light pollution is reduced to a minimum. Thank you Lorenzo for making a dream a reality
Alessandra BertoneAlessandra Bertone
21:29 23 Mar 24
We returned from the search for the aurora with Lorenzo who allowed us to see the Northern Lights in a magical place...very good...he made us feel unique emotions...very professional and attentive to our requests...We highly recommend to go with Lorenzo and Luisa
Irene ForanteIrene Forante
20:11 22 Mar 24
Joey kucharczykJoey kucharczyk
19:21 22 Mar 24
Thank you for this incredibly beautiful night. Lorenzo is a great Northern Lights hunter who, despite the initially bad forecast, didn't give up hope and went on the tour with us. You quickly notice that he knows his way around very well and after a short time we saw the first northern lights 😍The tour is highly recommended; a lot of patience and time is required to achieve the best possible result.Thank you 😃
Martina RotondoMartina Rotondo
18:56 22 Mar 24
If you come to Lapland and want to see the aurora, trust Lorenzo. We left from Rovaniemi with him and his colleague Kseniia and they traveled a whopping 700km just to show us. Even the photos they took of us were nothing short of wonderful, a magical experience!
Saneet RegeSaneet Rege
18:41 21 Mar 24
Did the Trip with Lorenzo, Ksenia, and Luke in March '24 and it is now a core memory for us for life. Lorenzo and Ksenia were very considerate, passionate, and drove us for over 3 hrs each way to find the northern lights. Took a lot of photos for us too. The ride was super comfortable and it was great fun. Definitely recommend making the trip with them!!
antonella ladisiantonella ladisi
21:32 20 Mar 24
It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Luisa an impeccable guide who organized everything perfectly and listened to our needs. Thank you Lorenzo and Luisa for allowing us to see the Northern Lights and make one of our dreams come true!
Alessandro BarcaAlessandro Barca
20:46 20 Mar 24
If it weren't for him I would never have seen the Northern Lights. Highly recommended
Mauro PriviteraMauro Privitera
15:57 20 Mar 24
Powerful team, Lorenzo and Luisa are the best aurora hunters in Finland. Beautiful memories only. Some shots taken with them attached to this review. I think I will do another trip with them. You MUST do a tour with them.
Giorgia ForanteGiorgia Forante
14:49 20 Mar 24
Best Northern Lights hunter in all of Lapland! Kind and helpful, he will be able to satisfy your desire to see the aurora at all costs! Ours was a perfect evening, thanks again!!!
Anna DauAnna Dau
07:37 16 Mar 24
The tour I did with arctic road trips was amazing !They were very upfront with the details about hunting for the Aurora’s borealis and as the weather was not that good there was a chance that we would not see it. Which is in that case we would only pay for the petrol for the drive. We got picked up from our accommodation and spent around 7 hours on the tour and found amazing northern lights. We were able to get professionals pictures taken as many as we wanted and it was a surreal experience! Learnt a lot about the northern lights as well, thank you so much to Luisa for showing us this part of the world!
anna spezzamonteanna spezzamonte
19:57 15 Mar 24
We arrived in Rovaniemi with the snow and the sky completely overcast, given the forecast we had no illusions about being able to see the aurora, but Lorenzo, after checking the weather all day, towards evening wrote to us: let's go! During the journey (which according to his predictions could have lasted up to three hours before finding a place free of clouds) he was always updated on the state of visibility. Halfway a surprise: here is the dawn!! What can I say, an incredible show!! Lorenzo is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guy, trust him if you want to see the dawn you won't be disappointed!!! It deserves all five stars!!!
Charlene PerrotinCharlene Perrotin
19:53 15 Mar 24
Superb experience with Luisa and Lorenzo who are adorable. Probably one of the best trips of my life with the Northern Lights and magnificent landscapes!
Elena PatanèElena Patanè
18:14 15 Mar 24
By now we had lost hope of seeing the aurora due to bad weather, but thanks to Lorenzo we made it, he managed to make our dream come true, it was truly a wonderful adventure!! He is really super!!!
Diana AlvesDiana Alves
13:04 15 Mar 24
Amazing experience with Lorenzo. They do whatever it takes to get you to see the northen lights. Also you can feel how passionate he is about his job. Couldn't recommend better! Greetings from João and Diana from Portugal!
Annika JediAnnika Jedi
06:41 11 Mar 24
What a wonderful experience! A great mix between adventure and well-organized trip. Lorenzo and Luisa took excellent care of us and provided great accommodation, good food and above all the best spots for a great view of impressive auroras.If you want to see the Northern Lights and are prepared to sit in the car for a few hours, there's nothing better!Thank you very much!🐧♥️
Stabile StabileStabile Stabile
06:24 09 Mar 24
I also want to post my review so that anyone who comes to Finland to see the Northern Lights, we know that the real adrenaline-filled hunt is the one done together with Lorenzo! That continuous monitoring of solar activity, weather forecasts and looking for that hole of clear sky between two cloud fronts... The adventure begins even before getting into the car. The excitement together with the group, always looking at the sky while in the dark we drive along the deserted streets of the night... And then, at a certain point, we throw ourselves into the first parking lot, we catapult ourselves down... And it's simply WOW !!Lorenzo took us hunting for two consecutive nights to give us what we came looking for. The first night, when solar activity was not on our side, still gave us a sky with a billion stars that we will never forget.Thanks Lorenzo!
Debora LambertiDebora Lamberti
14:47 03 Mar 24
Before you get too old I recommend you have this magnificent experience. Lorenzo and Luisa are 2 fantastic guys, they believe a lot in the work they do and will pass on all their passion to you. I just got back but I would already leave again. I have always dreamed of being able to have an experience with them and I would say that it went beyond my expectations. a 3-day trip that seemed to start badly, with little chance of seeing the aurora, catapulted us to the north end of Norway and we achieved a haul of 3 out of 3 auroras! The cottages in which we sleep are beautiful, the nature we pass through and the moments we share ❤️‍🔥I had the experience in winter but I would like to repeat it in other seasons because there is certainly a different and "new" landscape.It's not goodbye but …….. see you next time🥰🥰🥰Debora from Italy
Rossella ChiariRossella Chiari
10:12 03 Mar 24
Wonderful trip! Lorenzo and Luisa are two fantastic people, available, willing to answer every question!! We saw beautiful landscapes!! You made my dream of seeing the Northern Lights come true!! Wonderful!!! I hope to see you soon!!!!
Marco BezziMarco Bezzi
10:04 03 Mar 24
Lorenzo and Luisa are two wonderful people, we had a wonderful trip that will remain in our hearts thanks to them we saw fantastic places and we saw the Northern Lights for three evenings even if the chances were very slim due to bad weather, very helpful and well organised... true aurora hunter! I highly recommend!!
Andrea QuattriniAndrea Quattrini
13:29 02 Mar 24
Lorenzo and Luisa were fantastic and super helpful in giving us the best possible experience. Unlike many local agencies, they have no distance limits for the aurora hunting and above all, the exit is only guaranteed if the possibility of seeing the aurora is certain. We saw the aurora on the last night of our holiday. Other travellers we met at the airport the next day who had gone to other agencies saw nothing! I have already recommended Lorenzo and Luisa to friends and relatives!
Lisa GuidettiLisa Guidetti
03:44 02 Mar 24
Now back from this incredible Road Trip.Lorenzo and Luisa, as well as being special, are 2 true professionals.Thank you for the beautiful emotions you gave us.For the beautiful places you made us discover.And for her, the magical aurora💚The Giramondini thank you from the bottom of their hearts💚For us it's just a goodbye 💚
Matteo Njr LonardiMatteo Njr Lonardi
19:26 29 Feb 24
If you have doubts about not being able to see the Northern Lights when you are in Lapland then write to Lorenzo that you are certain that you will be able to see it because with his patience, tenacity and passion that he puts into it you cannot have any doubts. My girlfriend and I contacted him and he immediately agreed to take us to see it at all costs and he succeeded. The best aurora hunter, everything was perfect.
moon Mattemoon Matte
09:29 29 Feb 24
Fantastic place, like in fairy tales
Madeline LawrenceMadeline Lawrence
07:00 28 Feb 24
I cannot recommend Lorenzo enough! We did the northern lights hunting tour and Lorenzo did not stop until we found clear skies and the lights. It’s so clear that he his so passionate about what he does and that just made the tour so much more enjoyable. I look forward to returning to Finland so I can do one of Lorenzo and Luisa’s road trips!
Lauren TrinderLauren Trinder
19:16 27 Feb 24
We booked Arctic road trips as we had seen that they have a really good success rate and would take us as far as needed to see the lights. Needless to say, our expectations were exceeded. The weather and clouds along with the BZ were very much against us but the team drove us 3+ hours to chase a parting in the clouds. They didn’t give up when many might have, they kept a close watch on the solar activity and cloud cover and when the lights finally exploded, we were in the best place possible to see. The guys took so many photos and they are incredible, we have really made memories to last a life time. I’ve never met people so passionate about their job and helping people fulfil a dream, so friendly and knowledgable and explained every step of the way what was going on so we could understand. Thanks so so much again, we will definitely be back
Raffaella RutiglianoRaffaella Rutigliano
22:26 26 Feb 24
It was a wonderful experience: Lorenzo, a true expert on the Northern Lights, manages to convey enthusiasm and passion to all his traveling companions. For all three evenings we saw this natural phenomenon, never the same but always exaggeratedly magical!!! And then not only at night but also during the day Lorenzo guided us to discover this breathtaking nature, typical foods, villages, fjords, sunsets... reindeer!! They are three extremely full days: I recommend this Road trip to the curious, to those who want to have fun and share... to those who never get tired just like Lorenzo who at 4 in the morning still wanted to cook amatriciana. Thanks Lorenzo made us experience three unforgettable days.
Erica PerriniErica Perrini
14:51 26 Feb 24
Lorenzo is the true passion for the Northern Lights personified.If we were lucky enough to see it on our trip to Rovaniemi, it is only thanks to him.In order to give us this great and magical show, he was willing to drive for km and km, just to show it to us to excite us together with him.Helpful, friendly, highly recommended.If he is there, the Northern Lights will also be there.
Federica FortiFederica Forti
21:21 24 Feb 24
Starting from the fact that it was a wonderful experience, I can only say that the professionalism and passion that Lorenzo puts into his work cannot be quantified. During the trip he did everything he could to make us see the Northern Lights by taking us to Finland, Sweden and Norway. What else to add, if like me seeing the dawn has always been a secret dream, I can only recommend Lorenzo to make it come true.
Sheel VoraSheel Vora
18:57 21 Feb 24
Truly an exceptional experience of chasing the Northern Lights. Lorenzo is absolutely unique and its a lifetime experience to go on Aurora hunt with
Rossella RaffoRossella Raffo
18:24 21 Feb 24
It was a magnificent experience. We ended up in a cloudy period, but Lorenzo traveled more than 350 km to allow us to see the aurora. Thanks and see you soon 😍
14:07 20 Feb 24
Wolfgang EnglischWolfgang Englisch
17:48 17 Feb 24
It was exciting, magic and an outstanding great experience!!Traveling with Luisa and Lorenzo was marvelous!!
Daniele RoversiDaniele Roversi
23:28 16 Feb 24
What an incredible adventure Lorenzo and Luisa gave us. Besides the stunning landscapes and incredible northern Lights they are an absolute pleasure to travel with. I know they are your guides for the adventure but the entire trip felt more like a holiday with friends that you have known for years, from the long drive chatting about random stuff and listening to music to the homemade meal at night waiting for the aurora to appear.That being said do not think that they take their "Guide and organisers" duties lightly. They are incredibly knowledgeable about Northern lights and the entire North of Scandinavia in general. Out of the 3 nights we spent together they managed to find the only clear skies spots in a otherwise very cloudy Scandinavia which allowed us to see the Aurora every night. All complemented with a very nice hike during the day on top of a hill for a stunning view and photo opportunity; photos which we then received promptly as soon as we had returned home from our trip. I can not recommend these guys enough and I am pretty sure this first trip with them won't be the last one I'll do with them. Thank you guys for my first Aurora Borealis!
Gabriella PavoneGabriella Pavone
20:47 15 Feb 24
Incredible experience thanks to Lorenzo!Very expert person and lover of his work.He puts a lot of passion into it, trust it with your eyes closed, you won't regret it!
Campanelli FrancescoCampanelli Francesco
10:29 15 Feb 24
I had an unforgettable experience, with the usual tours I don't think I would have seen the aurora in the days I was in Rovaniemi, the weather wasn't the best, but thanks to Lorenzo and Luisa I saw the northern lights and it was Beautiful. They stay updated minute by minute to ensure you see the aurora. If you want to be sure to see the aurora, you have to go out with them :)Greetings from Giuseppe and Titti 😉
Elena PelicciElena Pelicci
21:06 14 Feb 24
Unforgettable experience!Lorenzo allowed us to see a beautiful aurora, which we will remember forever!Very knowledgeable person and always updated on the best areas and the moments in which to see this spectacle of nature.If you want to see the aurora, trust him and you won't regret it!
Cristina SerraCristina Serra
09:32 14 Feb 24
Magnificent experience. Lorenzo and his team allowed us to admire the Northern Lights. The passion they put into this work is the trait that distinguishes them and differentiates them from many other tourist companies. A real guarantee!No distance or unfavorable weather conditions stop them from achieving the ultimate goal: making tour participants happy.There is no shortage of photos or detailed explanations on this magical process of nature.Absolutely recommended.
Igor LunaIgor Luna
09:43 13 Feb 24
Lorenzo is the best guide you may ever have!! Since the before your trip, saying to tou when to come to get the best auroras. He will not drive if he thinks there is no chance. And, by the way, the man really knows about auroras. If you really want to see the northern lights, trust him, send him a message, and all you have to do is follow his instructions!!Highly recommend. As a bonus? You get amazing pictures!!!
Jennifer PapierokJennifer Papierok
07:41 13 Feb 24
It was great! Luisa is a great Northern Lights hunter, you can really tell her passion for the Northern Lights. If we got too cold, we could get into the car and she would always come running to let us know when the Northern Lights exploded again so we wouldn't miss them. Really great!
Ioulia ZintchenkoIoulia Zintchenko
17:23 12 Feb 24
Piyush KhullarPiyush Khullar
18:01 10 Feb 24
Amazing team of two, have taken tremendous efforts to ensure we enjoy our road trip along with viewing northern lights!We got no complain!
Nicolas PachecoNicolas Pacheco
14:51 10 Feb 24
I was on the 3-day road trip with Luisa & Lorenzo. I thought it was a fantastic tour. They do not seek to be commercial like the other tours, but rather genuinely try to find the best auroras and the best experiences. The accommodations and views are fantastic. I wish there were more tours like this around the world! It is clear that they enjoy what they do and put the best energy into it. Without a doubt I will return.
Marco CordioliMarco Cordioli
11:54 08 Feb 24
Perfect organisation, Lorenzo and Luisa excellent professionals, enchanting places, unforgettable experience. Absolutely worth doing.👏👏👏
francesco gorettifrancesco goretti
13:21 07 Feb 24
Amazing experience, with Lorenzo's passion and dedication you will live a real adventure and will be sure to see northern lights. He drove 2300 km in 3 days, 10 hours each day to be sure that we saw aurora each night. You start the trip without even knowing where you will go and this give it a special adventure thrill! The best trip of my life, 100% suggested.
12:41 07 Feb 24
Our big wish to see the northern lights was fulfilled on this trip.Luisa was such a great guide, as was Lorenzo. The two are full of passion and totally warm. Luisa explained to us the formation of the northern lights in a very simplified manner.And our road trip was by far the best vacation we've ever taken, thanks to them both! No journey was too far & the two of them managed to show us the Northern Lights in three countries, on three consecutive days/nights - it couldn't be better.We can highly recommend Luisa & Lorenzo, the money is 100% well invested!Kind regards, Dennis & Vicky. 🙂
Lucile GombertLucile Gombert
10:56 04 Feb 24
We went on a Northern Lights tour with Arctic Road Trips, it was awesome! Lorenzo took the time to explain to us how the auroras work and even though the sky was overcast, he did his best to find a clear spot. Thanks to his professionalism and determination we were able to observe superb auroras!!We will call again without hesitationto Arctic Road Trips!
10:50 01 Feb 24
One night aurora hunting with Luisa was an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend Arctic Road trips to anyone planning to witness northern lights
lorenzo bergomilorenzo bergomi
07:57 01 Feb 24
If nature and weather conditions allow it, with Lorenzo you are sure to be able to see the Northern Lights in the best possible spot! He took us all the way to Sweden because everything was cloudy in FinlandBeautiful experience
Anita FrisonAnita Frison
07:29 01 Feb 24
Crazy experience! Lorenzo took us to Sweden to see the aurora because it was overcast in Finland and in the end we witnessed an unparalleled show 😍 thank you so much!
Matteo TripicchioMatteo Tripicchio
07:07 01 Feb 24
Excellent experience. Lorenzo never loses hope of letting you see the dawn. Well organized fantastic tour
Marina SchefflerMarina Scheffler
15:22 31 Jan 24
Aurora tour was great, Luisa knows a lot about auroras and she gave her best to hunt the aurora and finally find it. I highly recommend, it was amazing!
Elif AbabayElif Ababay
20:39 30 Jan 24
Luisa was great. She is very equipped and knows very well what she is doing. It's not hard to see her passion for the northern lights. She informed us and enabled us to see the northern lights at 3 different locations on the same night. We thank you for everything.
Jodevan CampeloJodevan Campelo
19:53 27 Jan 24
Lorenzo and Luisa are awesome and are going to do everything so that you can have the best experience.We just joined them in a 4-day road trip (Jan/2024). When my wife and I decided we wanted to see auroras, we started looking for aurora hunters in Rovaniemi. After doing some research and following their work on Instagram, it was clear to me that they were by far the best option. We weren't disappointed at all. Despite our high expectations, we witnessed all their hard work and passion for auroras to make sure we would be at the best spots to see the auroras. It was an unforgettable experience!
Neil CassarNeil Cassar
06:16 26 Jan 24
We had an amazing time with Luisa. She made sure to check the forecast every minute to go to the best place to see the northern lights. We did a whole 11 hours and even crossed to Sweden and I do not regret it one bit. As soon we were going back to the hotel she said we might see them again and we turned back it was worth it as we saw the aurora dancing.I recommend Luisa and Lorenzo as they are the best in what they do. Thanks a lot!
Nacho NuñezNacho Nuñez
21:58 25 Jan 24
Amazing experience.
Machi A.Machi A.
11:27 23 Jan 24
Luisa was an amazing guide and super driver! She took us to different locations to make sure we got the best experience and she shared her knowledge and enthusiasm! She really loves what she is doing and I definitely recommend her and her team!
Maria Laura LimesesMaria Laura Limeses
11:03 22 Jan 24
incredible experience, highly recommended, Luisa and Lorenzo thank you for this trip and your dedication and passion in search of auroras
08:35 22 Jan 24
If you want to see the Northern Lights living a unique and authentic experience... with an expert and trained guide... an experience truly aimed at searching for the Aurora wherever it is (yes, because Lorenzo doesn't give up until he's found it! ☺️) then trust Lorenzo and try one of his artic road trips... they are truly the best!
Victoria MarkeyVictoria Markey
18:10 21 Jan 24
I did a 4 day Aurora Hunting Road Trip with Lorenzo and Luisa and I cannot begin to say how impressed I am. Not only are they both extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring we find the best show we can. We ended up between Finland Sweden and Norway which was incredible to see. They put in hours of work (driving 9hrs a day sometimes), finding the best accommodation, making sure we were all looked after and fed too. By far the best tour I’ve ever done and will be coming back. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to see the Northern Lights (I’ve tried 3 time before and not seen them and owe it to them for seeing such an incredible show).
Pawan MahejaPawan Maheja
18:09 21 Jan 24
The best hosts/guides you can ever find in Finland if your a dedicated photographer or a person who really enjoys nature. The only people who will make sure to make your trip 💯 worth it by putting 200% the time and effort. The picture below is from the road trip I took with them this week.
Armando IoriArmando Iori
20:43 17 Jan 24
Fantastic experience, Lorenzo is very prepared. If you want to see the Northern Lights he will do everything to make you see it.Extremely recommended
Christine BadarauChristine Badarau
16:51 16 Jan 24
Amazing team! I enjoyed every moment along The trip. Really professional and Take Good care of their clients. Also they are very passioned about Northern lights and somehow they always Find them wherever they go. Highly reccomand It!
Maria GMaria G
19:19 15 Jan 24
Marlyn CahillMarlyn Cahill
19:38 13 Jan 24
5 star is not enough to describe how amazing Luisa was. She was an amazing tour guide for our Northern Lights Tour Trip. She went above and beyond for us in order for us to see the Northern Lights (which we did) by driving four hours. Her bubbly personality, kindness and friendliness was an added bonus. Cannot recommend enough 😊😊
Adriana ContursiAdriana Contursi
20:59 12 Jan 24
We took the tour with Luisa, who was truly fantastic, with a unique and rare kindness, always available and ready to answer all our questions about the Aurora. After almost 5 hours we managed to see it and it was something magical. 😍😍💚 An experience to do again!!
Isabela T.Isabela T.
17:52 10 Jan 24
Luisa was attentive! We love it!
Mattia MalacarneMattia Malacarne
13:22 06 Jan 24
Lorenzo is a wonderful guide! He is prepared and always knows where to find the best view! The experience of the northen lights is priceless and brathetaking! If you come to Rovaniemi you must do it!
Filippe BarrosFilippe Barros
08:10 06 Jan 24
Lorenzo does all he can to give you the best experience as possible! He is also an expert and passionate about his job, and that makes all the difference when hunting aurora! We've had an amazing show and its because of his dedication and passion for what he does.
Jennifer WijoyoJennifer Wijoyo
14:28 05 Jan 24
This was our second aurora hunt in rovaniemi and was the best that we had during our trip! to be honest we had low expectations about tonight because on the app that Luisa showed us the score (i dont know whats the parameter called) is -1 which means low aurora activities...but tonight luisa's said maybe the NASA might missed something cause the satelite was old HAHAHA because she always find a loop. and she was correct! we only drive for like 1 hour 45 mins away from the city and Luisa find us a good location to see the aurora that was moving from north to south and north again for almost 4 hours on the same spot! so we didnt waste our time on the road at all, when the aurora activities started getting weaker we started to drive back home. that night we got twice aurora explotion and it was spectacular moment to see with our own eyes. Thanks to Luisa we really had a great night. my family really loves it and it was a moment of a lifetime!
Alessia CannellaAlessia Cannella
13:47 05 Jan 24
Starting the year in search of the Northern Lights with Lorenzo and Luisa was an experience that exceeded all expectations. The overwhelming passion they transmit for their work made this trip truly unique.From the beginning, we felt enthusiastically involved in the magical hunt for the Northern Lights, turning every moment into an indelible memory.We appreciated their attention to detail and their professionalism.Lorenzo and Luisa made an experience possible that will remain engraved in our hearts forever. Thank you for making this Northern Lights hunt so amazing and unforgettable.
Federica MerliniFederica Merlini
16:48 04 Jan 24
We did the one night excursion to hunt for the Northern Lights, the guys were fantastic from booking until the day of departure. Luisa accompanied us to Sweden to have the best opportunity to see her and… we did great! On the way he explained to us how the Northern Lights work. Despite the cold it was a fantastic experience!
Martina CaninoMartina Canino
17:38 03 Jan 24
Incredible experience! Lorenzo and Luisa are fantastic, they drove for so many hours to make sure we got to see the best Aurora possible... and so we did. Their professionalism and passion is palpable. Thank you with all my heart
Giulia RoccaGiulia Rocca
12:46 03 Jan 24
It was a real dream! Super recommended, Lorenzo very good 👏🏻 😍
Divya KishanchandaniDivya Kishanchandani
07:52 27 Dec 23
Amazing experience with Luisa. She made sure we got to see the northern lights from the best locations. She happily took loads of our pictures and videos. She was very patient and not at all hurrying to get back. I would definitely recommend Luisa amd Lorenzo for aurora hunting tours.
Philipp HeidenkampfPhilipp Heidenkampf
10:40 20 Dec 23
It was just a really great experience. Unforgettable. No frills with campfires and sausages or anything like that. The pure hunt for the northern lights made me feel like I was on a secret mission. So the trip alone was great and you could always feel Luisa's passion for the Northern Lights. We ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Sweden that I would never have gone otherwise and there we saw more than impressive Northern Lights. Can only recommend the tours with Artic Road Trips. Everything is given here and even long journeys are undertaken so that the participants can see the lights. Great photos are also taken.
09:29 20 Dec 23
Excellent ! We had a unique experience! The weather wasn't necessarily the best but Lorenzo was able to take us more than 3 and a half hours away to a completely crazy place where we were able to observe a magical spectacle of the Northern Lights!!More than 1 hour of explosion without interruption! Moment forever engraved in our memories! Thanks to Lorenzo and Kseniia for their kindness, professionalism and their determination to chase the Northern Lights!! I recommend and I will return with my eyes closed!!Remember to bring something to snack on, drink and warm up!Small point of improvement: a hot drink can be offered to participants to warm their hands and hearts ;)Thanks again !!!
Cormac RiceCormac Rice
09:01 20 Dec 23
Our Aurora tour with Lorenzo was absolutely fantastic!Lorenzo is so enthusiastic about the Auroras and is very knowledgeable about what causes them and the best spots to see them.I would 100% recommend doing this tour with Lorenzo over other companies because you actually chase the Northern Lights instead of sitting and hoping they appear.10/10 would recommend!
Flora VargaFlora Varga
03:40 20 Dec 23
It's not by chance that they only have 5-star rating. We wanted to make sure we can see the northern lights, that’s why we chose them. We went with Lorenzo and with his enthusiasm the hunting was even more exciting.
Simon Pietro FerraroSimon Pietro Ferraro
21:23 19 Dec 23
22:26 18 Dec 23
This is a highly recommended tour! It wasn't an ordinary tour, but it felt like I was really going hunting for the Aurora, which made it more unique and fun. I felt the guide's love and passion for the Aurora, so I think the moment I saw the Aurora will remain in my memory for a long time 🫶🏻
Annarita TRONOAnnarita TRONO
13:48 18 Dec 23
Lorenzo's passion means that you can witness a simply fantastic show that takes your breath away. Professionalism and precision. Really super recommended!
Federica VaravalloFederica Varavallo
13:39 18 Dec 23
Lorenzo and Luisa gave us a unique emotion... their kindness and the love they put into their work distinguishes them from all other tour operators (and believe me we have tried but with poor results). If you go to Rovaniemi or the area, trust them and you won't regret it. We are waiting for you
Melanie MolataMelanie Molata
13:15 17 Dec 23
My dream of seeing the Northern Lights came true thanks to Luisa. Thank you very much for that! 😍It was an incredible trip and I can heartily recommend a tour with Luisa. Thank you for this great experience! 🙏
Poulomi RoyPoulomi Roy
01:53 17 Dec 23
Had an amazing experience viewing the Northern lights with the Arctic Road trips team. Their detailed observation led us to be at the right place and the right time to see the northern lights! If you want to see the Northern lights from Rovaneimi highly recommend going with them as they assure that you get to experience the most amazing northern lights!
21:03 15 Dec 23
Unforgettable experience ❤️Lorenzo is a super aurora hunter 💪🏻 he made our dreams come true when the hopes of seeing it had faded...... thank you so much ❄️ no one like him 🇫🇮 highly recommended!!!!!
simona fanulisimona fanuli
20:49 13 Dec 23
Luisa and Lorenzo super efficient and professional. Thanks to them, after several attempts, my group and I managed to see the Northern Lights.
Rahul PathakRahul Pathak
16:19 13 Dec 23
Dedicated individuals to focus strictly on Northern lights chasing and hunting. We definitely recommend these professionals. Once in a lifetime opportunity to view NL 😍
Mattia CorbellaMattia Corbella
11:49 13 Dec 23
Lorenzo undisputed number 1 for the search for the aurora! Very available and super serious. It never wastes your time. When you go out with him you are practically guaranteed to see the aurora. He explained a thousand things to us and his photos will stay with us for a long time! Unique emotion. I absolutely recommend this company.
07:37 13 Dec 23
An unforgettable night with the northern lights and a dream that came true!🤩Always looking for the best place to get the most out of the Aurora Trip. Even if the conditions make hunting for the northern lights difficult.Thank you Luisa and Lorenzo for your work! It is really admirable and sets you apart from other providers🙏😊
Robert BalcerzakRobert Balcerzak
05:58 13 Dec 23
Good communication while ordering service, great trip with Luisa, who was so determinated to find the Northern Lights. Of course we found and saw it, Luisa is fantastic guide, who can explain all the aspects about it. I think it is best choice if you reallg want to see Nortern lights, They do as promise, drive as long as they see a chance to catch it, and time, distance do not matter.
Alessandro GozziAlessandro Gozzi
15:41 12 Dec 23
These guys are magicians: even when there's bad weather, they find the dawn, at any cost, even having to drive all night! For them customer satisfaction is the priority. Very good and very kind.We'll be back
Neto Canho GarciaNeto Canho Garcia
08:26 12 Dec 23
Couldn’t ask for a better tour guide and service. Luisa did everything she could to make sure we would see the northern lights.No matter how far she needed to drive and how many times she needed to check all her different forecast sources. Calculating the wind to see if the clouds would blow the other direction and create a temporary gap of visibility and where that gap was gonna be.Yes, we saw the northern lights and even more special, we really got the feeling that we were hunting for the lights. TV channels better come to Rovaniemi and make a TV show of Aurora Hunting with Luisa and Lorenzo.When I told Luisa I was going to propose, the aurora started fading in the horizon. She knew the importance of that moment for me, got everyone back in the car and drove to another location so I could propose and get nice pictures.The best in Lapland! Really recommended.
Valeria ZurloValeria Zurlo
19:14 10 Dec 23
Lorenzo is a true Aurora hunter! If she decides to go out you are sure to see her because she is looking for the perfect clear sky and the right power, even if after hours of driving, the strongest emotion is guaranteed. Our outing took place on a day when all the other organized safaris did not see the aurora, but Lorenzo allowed us to experience a real emotion
Fabiola ManniFabiola Manni
16:12 10 Dec 23
If you have the desire to see the aurora and live an experience with an honest, prepared, available, passionate and engaging person, we strongly recommend you rely on a true professional such as Lorenzo.Despite the difficulties of the meteorological conditions of the winter period such as the month of December, Lorenzo managed to make our dream come true by constantly monitoring the parameters and places to guarantee us a greater chance of success. It is the top of Finland recognized by all.
Giorgia SanvitoGiorgia Sanvito
07:58 10 Dec 23
Unique and unforgettable experience. Lorenzo is a true professional, friendly, approachable and above all very knowledgeable. He manages to convey his passion and is very professional. It manages to make you live a niche experience by creating unique moments and photographs.We start by really "hunting for the Northern Lights", Lorenzo consults satellites in real time to guarantee the best show.Thank you for this unforgettable experience!!!!
Paula CondePaula Conde
19:30 08 Dec 23
Magical and unforgettable experience. Lorenzo and Luisa are very professional, they offer real aurora hunting and very attentive treatment. We recommend it!
stella arcàstella arcà
16:21 08 Dec 23
we had the best time of our life! Lorenzo and Luisa are incredibile! They will make everything to let you see the aurora and to let you have the best time!
06:15 08 Dec 23
Lorenzo is fantastic as an aurora hunter, as well as kind and cordial. A pleasure to have someone like that as a guide.Thank you so much Lorenzo, the best hunter. I recommended him.
andy weeandy wee
17:36 07 Dec 23
I was hoping to catch the aurora and after reading many reviews, my family and I decided to go with Artic Road Trip for a northern light chase and it was one of the best decision. Both Lorenzo and Luisa were very transparent with what is on offer to ensure expectations are managed since we are talking about a natural phenomenon.Once it was confirmed that the trip was on, there appears to be no limit as to the extend they will go to find places where the lights are visible. Their enthusiasm was infectious to say the least and it was a memorable experience. We travelled a looking way on road and once we saw it, it was magical. Luisa helped all guests with photos using professional equipments and we get to keep them for memory.I will highly recommend Arctic Road Trips if you are serious about catching the lights coz they sure are serious about helping you do so.Thanks Luisa and Lorenzo for the experience.
Lorenzo OttaniLorenzo Ottani
08:37 07 Dec 23
Beautiful experience. Lorenzo (companion) is a passionate guy. The photo shoot was also excellent
Dilson Silva JuniorDilson Silva Junior
21:53 06 Dec 23
It was amazing! Pick up exactly at the time informed! Team with great experience in Aurora Hunting using proper technology and information from the other groups. They will do the best for you to see the northern lights and have great moments and pictures!
fabio carapellesefabio carapellese
16:46 06 Dec 23
Lorenzo Top, passionate about the Northern Lights and manages to convey it with his enthusiasm! Going out with Lorenzo to see the aurora means guaranteed success 🤙
Beatrice DroccoBeatrice Drocco
16:44 06 Dec 23
Unique experience!!! Lorenzo super professional and helpful!
Daniela TortoraDaniela Tortora
05:16 06 Dec 23
5 stars are few for the professionalism and kindness of these wonderful guys. They made a dream come true.We have been in constant contact with Lorenzo practically every day since my arrival to see if day after day there were the conditions to see the aurora, Lorenzo has always been very honest and preferred to cancel the tour for days rather than waste time and money. On the last day of my stay in Rovaniemi I had the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful natural spectacles there could be. I was with my almost 3 year old daughter and Lorenzo was super kind and understanding of the limits you might have. He truly loves his job and would take you to the ends of the world if he could to make your dream come true. Thanks for everything
Valeria RenzoValeria Renzo
15:55 30 Nov 23
If we could give more stars we would! We did the Northern Lights hunt from Rovaniemi with Lorenzo! It was an unforgettable experience! Lorenzo is an aurora enthusiast and provides lots of interesting information throughout the evening! He knows many places not frequented by tourists, perfect for seeing the aurora and taking beautiful photos that he will take directly with a professional camera! We highly recommend it!
Gkizem ChouseinGkizem Chousein
13:04 29 Nov 23
Leti BonardiLeti Bonardi
16:04 28 Nov 23
The aurora hunt we all want! Super professional, with lots of explanations on everything related to the aurora. You can see how Lorenzo's passion is strong and he transmits it to those who take part in the outings with him. You go hunting and you find it! Super recommended!
Pasqualina CapassoPasqualina Capasso
14:40 28 Nov 23
If you want to live the real experience of "hunting the Northern Lights", you have come to the perfect place. When dreams come true, here Lorenzo doesn't give up until the end, we didn't expect an exceptional dawn, yet this one exceeded everyone's expectations.Thank you very much!
Melania RodriguezMelania Rodriguez
10:52 24 Nov 23
Real hunters of northern lights!!! Lorenzo worked really hard to make sure we could see lots of them and be happy. Great job! I had a great experience 😍😍.
Christina MargaretChristina Margaret
15:43 23 Nov 23
Lorenzo took us on Nov 21st, 2023 and we have officially had the best night of our lives! He has such a great sense of humour and worked extremely hard to find us the northern lights despite challenges and weather changes. There is nothing better than having a guide who is so passionate and knows exactly what he is doing. He is so knowledgable and made the night sooooo much fun. Couldn’t have imagined it with anyone else.. thank you for EVERYTHING. love from the Aussies - Christina, Zach, Caitlin & Jesse x
shikhil nagpalshikhil nagpal
06:44 23 Nov 23
Can't thank them enough for a magical road trip.. we kept chasing auroras till we found a great clear spot.. saw the northern lights dance over us.. I highly recommend the tour.. thanks again for the hospitality. 🙏🙏
Alessandra FollesaAlessandra Follesa
00:47 23 Nov 23
Best northern lights hunting trip ever! I was worried to not see the aurora borealis because November is probably one of the worst months to witness this amazing natural show, but Luisa kept driving and driving for hour to be sure we were able to be amazed by the northern lights and at the end the miracle happened and we saw an amazing colourful dances in the northern sky 😍 and not only once! Luisa kept keeping her attention on the weather and the sky and we saw the northern lights multiple times and it was an unbelievable feeling.Everyone should choose to do the tour with these guys because I can guarantee to all of you that Luisa and Lorenzo will go extra mile to be sure your dream to see the aurora borealis will come true in the most unbelievable way!Grazie ragazzi ❤️
Wale AlonzoWale Alonzo
19:42 22 Nov 23
An incredible experience, Luisa made the tour a true aurora hunting adventure! The best, highly recommended 🙂
18:33 22 Nov 23
We went on an aurora light hunt with Luisa. She did everything to make sure we could see the lights and it was simply an unforgettable experience! She loves her job and is willing to go to the limit with the tour participants to make this experience possible. We also felt comfortable at all times and were able to learn a lot about the Aurora lights.We would book it again and again and can only warmly recommend it to everyone.
Pietro MatinoPietro Matino
07:33 17 Nov 23
You fulfilled our dream.Super experience, with a super group but above all a highly trained, helpful and engaging Northern Lights hunter: Lorenzo.Very recommended and reliable.Keep going because you're great!Peter
Manuel GulloManuel Gullo
07:06 17 Nov 23
Lorenzo number one! The best Aurora Borealis hunter you can find! You can see the passion he puts into it from the first minute. Unique experience in the world!Thanks again Lorenzo and good luck with your beautiful work!
Raquel NavasRaquel Navas
22:19 16 Nov 23
Lukas GöbelLukas Göbel
21:02 16 Nov 23
Yesterday we took a tour of the Northern Lights, with Luise as our guide. It was an absolutely perfect trip with magical impressions that we will never forget. During the tour, Luise told us a lot about the auroras and how they form and was very committed to finding the best possible spot. We would do the tour again and again and definitely recommend it!The planning and arrangement via WhatsApp was super uncomplicated and there was always quick and concrete feedback.In addition to seeing the northern lights, the wild car ride (hunting) was also very exciting and anything but boring. :)PS: The photos are absolutely amazing!!! WOW!!!Best regardsLaura & Malte + Christina & Lukas
simona baldisserisimona baldisseri
20:02 16 Nov 23
Thanks to Lorenzo's professionalism and passion we lived a magical and unique experience. Lorenzo and Luisa led us on the true "hunt for the aurora" sharing with us their knowledge and studies, which led us to savor this incredible show. For us, Lorenzo is like a super hero who crosses nations to let those lucky enough to travel with him experience the beauty of nature.
Juri TichoJuri Ticho
16:47 14 Nov 23
Thanks to Luisa we were able to admire the northern lights live. Even though it was very cold, the patience was definitely worth it. We are very grateful for the great experience and will probably never forget it.
Dan CretuDan Cretu
18:43 13 Nov 23
Unforgettable experience with incredible people who took me to see the Northern Lights. Wonderful day that will remain in my heart!
Valentina DinoiValentina Dinoi
13:06 13 Nov 23
Wonderful experience! Lorenzo made one of my life's dreams come true: to see the Aurora Borealis and he did it in the most fascinating way possible.Thanks to his tenacity and passion we traveled kilometers and crossed two borders just to see the Aurora and in the meantime we saw spectacular landscapes, the real Lapland, the real Sweden and the magical Norway with its Fjords! There is nothing planned at the beginning of this journey, but only one objective: the Aurora Borealis and Lorenzo has all the experience and competence and the right enthusiasm to accompany his travel companions where the sky is clear to see one of the most beautiful shows in the world.
simona baldisserisimona baldisseri
19:32 12 Nov 23
Tine KlosterTine Kloster
11:35 12 Nov 23
An incredible experience and I recommend them big time! I only had a few days in Lapland and the weather did not look good for the day I booked with Luisa and Lorenzo. They kept an eye on the weather forecast for the whole week and we went last minute on a different day than the one I booked, just so the chances for Northern lights would be a bit bigger. Thank you so much. It was a dream come true! I will write them again when I go to the north in the future 🙂
Angelika SchmehlAngelika Schmehl
22:09 11 Nov 23
Georgia KapaGeorgia Kapa
17:47 11 Nov 23
Alessandra TubioloAlessandra Tubiolo
20:57 09 Nov 23
I gave my son Jacques 3 days of hunting for the fabulous Northern Lights and views of dreamy arctic landscapes and reindeer and moose, only thanks to Lorenzo, I will do it too!!!
Roberto CusinRoberto Cusin
15:50 08 Nov 23
I waited a few days before writing to let the emotion of the trip calm down but certain experiences leave their mark and Lorenzo and Luisa made us experience unique emotions. Two true aurora hunters and two wonderful people, their passion and enthusiasm for what they do is not often seen, in addition to their great competence. I can only thank them for the wonderful trip they took us on from Rovaniemi to the Lofoten Islands in Norway.P.s. I give 5 stars only because it is not possible to give more.
Virginia BelliniVirginia Bellini
10:26 07 Nov 23
Luisa and Lorenzo work with passion and demonstrate it in the attention and care they dedicate to every moment of this journey. I advise you to let them accompany you in this experience which, for me, will remain unforgettable.
Lorenzo LaudaniLorenzo Laudani
07:43 07 Nov 23
very good!! with a lot of passion and a lot of competence! the best way to see the Northern Lights!
Lorenzo BalatresiLorenzo Balatresi
07:11 07 Nov 23
Wonderful experience ❤️ Lorenzo and Luisa are two fantastic guides very competent in their work. If you want to see the Northern Lights with them, you're on the safe side... I recommend it 💯%
myugi salievamyugi salieva
10:50 31 Oct 23
Once in a lifetime experience!!! I was dreaming of witnessing Northern lights since my childhood and met Louisa and Lorenzo! We had 3 days road trip and EVERYTHING was amazing! This guys are really passionate about their job and are the best hunters! The accomodations they chose were fantastic! Look no more and just book! I promise you will not regret!!! 🤩❤️P.S. be ready for a really cold weather and if you are not cold person, I highly recommend you using heating pads for the boots and the gloves. 📌
Chiara GiancamilliChiara Giancamilli
17:43 27 Oct 23
WOW!!!We had an incredible 4days road trip, with aurora always with us!Lorenzo & Luisa made us live an amazing experience - not only for the Northern Lights – but all things that we saw have been breathtaking!They love their job and have so much passion. These guys are the best. Thank you so much, we are grateful to met you!
Melanie BarreraMelanie Barrera
11:09 23 Oct 23
The trip was amazing! It was the best night of my life and a dream come true. I got engaged under the Milky Way, the shooting stars and dancing auroras. Lorenzo was checking every single detail so we didn’t miss anything. We couldn’t chose anybody else to do this tour with. Conventional companies won’t drive and do whatever it takes so you can see the Auroras.Will do it a thousand times more and if I ever be back I’ll definitely do the aurora road-trip. Thank you for everything!
Marcus AlvesMarcus Alves
07:07 23 Oct 23
Honestly, I can’t recommend Lorenzo and Luisa enough - anything I write here won’t do justice to how amazing our four-day road trip was. And I’m not only talking about the auroras shows because obviously that’s the main goal here, but also about the hikes we did, the places we stayed, how nice every single person from the group was. When they say they’re usually the last people who want to leave and head back to the hotel, trust me, they mean it 😅 I had a sky-high expectation for this trip and even so it was even better than I could have ever imagined, so thank you very much guys!
Dani pelo MundoDani pelo Mundo
18:38 16 Sep 23