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Lorenzo Mirandola, Luisa Schaffner, Arctic Road Trips Rovaniemi

The founders: Lorenzo & Luisa

We both fell in love with the arctic nature, that is why we both decided to live in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Whenever possible, we have been travelling to search for the most beautiful spots in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. Because of our passion for the Aurora and the Arctic we founded our company, Arctic Road Trips, together in 2021. We offer trips specialised on the Aurora Borealis, all starting from Rovaniemi, Finland. We are both passionate photographers - especially for Northern Lights & nature shots. That's why all our pictures on this website are taken by us both.

Get to know us 🙂


Lorenzo is originally from Verona in Italy and dreamed since age of 6 about seeing the Northern Lights in Lapland. In 2016 at the age of 24 he got the chance to move to Finland as an exchange student for his studies to become an environmental engineer. Since then he is living in Lapland chasing his dream. He is passionate about Northern Lights and its science behind and wants to know more and more all the time.

Further he is a talented astrophotographer and loves to capture the Northern Lights. Lorenzo could also collect a lot of experience in guiding and in the Arctic, as well as immense knowledge about the arctic nature and cultural backgrounds. Regarding the Northern Lights, he is an expert in everything: Best places, Photography or Physics – you can ask him anything.

Check out Lorenzo’s instagram: lorenzmira_lapland

Lorenzo Mirandola Photo Luisa Schaffner Arctic Road Trips Rovaniemi
Luisa Schaffner, Arctic Road Trips, Rovaniemi


Luisa is originally from Germany. After high school and one year living in Australia she started to study tourism in Germany. This brought her in 2020 as an exchange student to Rovaniemi, Finland. She fell in love with the beautiful nature in the Lapland, its wide landscapes and the Northern Lights. The original plan to stay for half year was canceled quickly. She is a passionate photographer for landscape and Northern Lights and  has fun planning and organising trips in the Arctic.  

Check our Luisa’s Instagram: lu_schaffner

Exciting news

In 2024 we will have two new Aurora chasers joining our Team

Diana Arctic Road Trips team


Hi, I’m Diana and I’m from Portugal. I’ve solo travelled to 31 countries and on one of those trips I discovered that I wanted to change my whole life. As soon as I set foot in Lapland for the first time in 2022, I knew that this would be my home. In the same year I quit my job in Portugal and packed my bags to follow my dream… and never looked back. For me, there’s no better feeling than getting in the car and going aurora hunting.
The fact that it’s also my job is a bonus, but it really means a lot more to me than that. Every night is always 10% work and 90% passion and love, and maybe that’s the key.
Nowhere else than with the northern lights above my head I can feel so much freedom and peace. If you don’t believe that there exists something bigger than we are, you should go to experience one of those magical nights with us!

Check out Diana’s inspiring Instagram page: diana_abroad

Our Goal

Our goal is to show our customers the Northern Lights and best places all around Lapland and the northern arctic. We want give our customers the highest possible chance to see the Northern Lights. That's why the planning of the trips is as flexible as possible to follow the weather and nature. Like this we increase chances of seeing Northern Lights. Our wish is that you get to see the Northern Lights and you get closer to lappish nature and the beauty of it. The mission is to make your Road Trip through Lapland a adventure that you will never forget and is gonna stay in your heart!

The philosophy for all our Aurora Trips: Northern Lights are a natural phenomena and they cannot not be guaranteed, BUT we ensure you that we will to our best for you that you get to see them.

Some of our favorite pictures: 

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