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Aurora Road Trip VS. One Night Aurora Hunting Tour

We organise different Aurora Trips from Rovaniemi starting from end of August to beginning of April. During this month the darkness of the sky allows to see the Northern Lights in Lapland. All of our Aurora Tours are focused to have the highest Aurora success rate possible. That means our Tours are totally aligned to follow natural circumstances like the weather. In the past years we have been hunting Auroras for almost every night possible and therefore collected lots of experience that you can profit from. 

Aurora Road Trip, Aurora Tour, Rovaniemi

Aurora Road Trip

On this multi-day Aurora trip, we will decide our destinations according to were there are the best chances to see the Northern Lights. We can end up anywhere in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. We have 100% Aurora success rate so far in all trips! And it’s not only about Aurora, we will visit many other beautiful places in the arctic as well.

Aurora Hunting tour Rovaniemi

One night Aurora Tour

Our one night Aurora Hunting Tour starts from Rovaniemi, Finland. Our true goal is to show you the Northern Lights. That is why we depart only if there is a really good chance to see them. Our tour has no time our kilometer limit. You might ask yourself why: Rovaniemi is especially in winter often cloudy that means if we are not searching for clear sky - we won't see the Aurora.