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Crazy Aurora Road Trips

Aurora Hunting is the main goal of the Trip!

What is a Crazy Aurora Road Trip?

Our Aurora Road Trips a multi-day Aurora Trip where we move based on the weather to have the best chances to see the Northern Lights. That is the goal of the trip. You will arrive and return to Rovaniemi, but we can end up in Finland Sweden or Norway or in all three countries. During the day we visit national parks, the fjords or we go hiking depending on where we are. In the evening we hunt for Northern Lights. With this type of tour we will sleep directly under the sky. In the last night we will hunt Auroras only if it’s possible on the way back to Rovaniemi. 

Photos, group size & success rate

With us as your guide you have a Northern Lights hunter and photographer with you. The photos of the trip are included in the price and you will get all of them after the Aurora Road Trip. Every single Aurora Road Trip is individual and super flexible. It takes place in small groups. So far we had a success rate of 100% in Aurora Road Trips, which means we saw the Northern Lights in every single trip. 🙂 

If you are really want to see the Northern Lights and you want a pure outdoor experience while explore places all around Scandinavia, this might be the exactly the right trip for you. 

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Luisa Schaffner Northern Lights camping Norway, Arctic Road Trips

This trip is only possible between 25. August and 15. October, after it will be too cold. We will have all the equipment for you: sleeping bags, tents, mattresses and outdoor cooking equipment. Of course, you need to know if you want that kind of Crazy Aurora Trip. It can be fresh and of course not as comfortable as a cottage. We won’t have showers, real bathrooms or electricity. But actually it is our favorite way of travelling and a unique experience.

The trip costs 350 Euros per person per day with the equipment rental. 

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