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Summer Road Trips

How it works

Come with us on a Summer Road Trip in Lapland.During the trip you won't have to worry about driving, searching a hotel or what do to. Also, we have a lot of camera equipment that we will take with us and take pictures during your trip.

You will arrive and return to Rovaniemi, Finland, but we can end up in Finland, Sweden or Norway. If you want we can make the trip depending on the weather and choose the destination according to where we have the possibility to catch the best weather and sun. Let us know what you are interested in: Maybe hiking, national parks, culture, sauna or traditional food? The only thing you need to do: take care about your arrival in Lapland (flight, train, etc.). We want the trip to be according to your wishes, so feel free to leave us a message or call us straight. Also think about what kind of accomodation you want for your Road Trip: Outdoor experience in tents or wooden shelters, cottages, fancy Hotels?

The cost for accomodation for the guide (Lorenzo or Luisa) is covered by the participants and divided through all of them. Usually we stay in cottages, where we can make our own food together.

Feel free to contact us and let us know your imagination of your dream holiday in Lapland. We will be very happy to come back to you!

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